About me — in a nutshell

I have been working with Design since 2014. Since 2018, I have been directing my career to the area of Digital Product Design and User Experience.

Currently, I hold the position of Digital Product Designer in a SaaS B2B company, working on the UX/UI design of the product.

I’m passionate about the principles of good design and simplicity. Always seeking to contribute to improving people’s experience and business results.

I love to study and learn more everyday. At the present time, I’m post-graduating in User Experience Design at PUCRS.

Why I'm a designer?

My purpose is to contribute to the dissemination of a thoughtful and simple design, that makes all people's experience possible.

I like History, so here's a bit of mine...

In some way, I like to think that I’m a designer since birth.

For example, I remember being a little child and noticing the typography of big signs on the roads, while traveling, or me mentally judging the menus on restaurants (which I still do, by the way).

Designing is now my life and I love it so much! That’s why I’m always studying and learning more and more.

I’m not the best, I try to be better everyday.