Coisa Fina Brechó


Project type: Branding

Launch date: Jan 2023

My role: Ideation, Design


On November 7, I was asked to create the logo for Coisa Fina Brechó (Fine Thing thrift store, in English). I talked to the owner to collect her ideas for the brand and understand the goals of the company.

The store aims to reduce and change consumption habits, promoting Circular Fashion, making national and imported brands accessible to all people.

They believe that the most sustainable pieces are those that already exist, so they promote the purchase and sale of used clothes, shoes and accessories in great condition.

With an intelligent and responsible curatorship, their selection is specialized in second hand pieces and also in new items.

So, my mission was to create a brand identity that communicates elegance and shows, at the same time, that the brand is accessible and open to all.

Mocked sign showing the logo created for the brand.

After 2 days of work, here is the result. The owner was amazed and I’m looking forward to see the materials in real use.