Project type: App

Launch date: Never launched, training project

My role: Discovery, Ideation, Wireframing, Prototyping


According to the Filipino (Tagalog) dictionary, the word “kasama” can mean “comrade” or the act of being together.

The Philippines is the country that most accesses social networks (4h15 a day). Not coincidentally, I chose “kasama” to be the name of this project.

At the beginning of May 2022, the original creator of Orkut gave a statement annoucing that the site will soon be reactivated.

The platform was widely used by Brazilians, who were 50,6% of the total number of users in 2011 (Brazil is in third place when in comes to using social networks).

But what would Orkut be like these days? Have you ever imagined this happening?

Most importantly, how should a social network be, these days?

A bit of research...

With those reflections in mind, I started to think and research how social networks affect people’s lives today.

I also wanted to understand what people around me still remember about Orkut.

Knowing that could help me get a clue as to what was outstanding about it and what would be nice to retrieve and apply in a new app.

So, I made a simple form and posted some stories on my personal Instagram account asking my friends: What do you remember from when you used Orkut?

I got 25 anwers and made a wordcloud whit them:

Wordcloud showing the words "testimonials" and "communities" highlighted.

The words most mentioned in the answers were “testimonials” and “communities”. Games were also mentioned a lot.

My goal

How could I design a social network to be a safe place for its users, contributing to increasing mental health and positive bonds between people?

Ideating the app...

News soon 🙂